“Intergalactic High”

Introducing the latest project from Immortal Minds artist Calicokid “Intergalactic High.” Intergalactic High is solo album from Calicokid, all songs were produced by Calicokid with his unique rugged sound. Calicokid is joined by artist like Teren Generals, Droopy the Don, DJ HandsOne and cuts by InDJnous and DJ Kwestion from Jedi Mind Tricks. Take a journey with Calicokid in “Intergalactic High.”


Here is a newest collection from the Rhyme Originatorz family “Reflections”. This project has songs by Immortal Minds members Calicokid, Droopy the Don and songs by Jumpship. This is a collection of work from all three artist. Solo Projects will be coming soon but sit back and relax and enjoy these tracks.

New Album in the works

Just as an update, Immortal Minds is currently working on their 4th album. The project is untitled at the moment but is scheduled to be released this year. This new album is consisting of all three members of the group and some definite features. The group is also preparing for upcoming shows and continues to make and post new music. Stay tuned on the website for further updates.

Immortal Minds and Psycho Realm “Live in SA”

Dec 28th Immortal Minds will be rocking a set in our home turf Santa Ana Ca. at The Observatory. Sharing the stage with one of the most raw and energetic underground hip hop groups we ever witness smash a stage, Psycho Realm. We seen this group back in 2005 at a WE THE PEOPLE FESTIVAL in Watts make over 200+ people mosh pit with a little fight here and there…a little blood drawn here and there.. But good fucken times! lol Doors open at 8 p.m. tickets are $20 our flier has contact info for ticket inquires if interested. show some support for my crew Immortal Minds and Psycho Realm.