Truth on Columbus Day

The truth on Columbus Day explains the real Christopher Columbus and why the United States of America should Abolish Columbus Day.

Never forget history and remember the winner doesn’t always write the whole story.

-Teren Generals


Meeting at El Centro

On Monday night, group members Calicokid and Teren Generals attended the teachers meeting at El Centro Cultural de Mexico in Down Town Santa Ana. Group members attended the meeting to propose a free show for community. After group members proposed the event and explained the details (Calicokid did most of the talking), the teachers approved the event. Calicokid and Teren Generals were pleased of their outcome. The possible date for the event could be Nov. 20.

Stay tuned for more details


Photo by Victor Jimenez

“Gallons and Grams”

Here’s the first single “Gallons and Grams” off the new Immortal Minds album called UNSEEN. The Southern California underground Hip Hop group is back with new material for the people, not the corporations. The group is back with all three original members, Calicokid, Droopy the Don and Teren Generals. Calicokid once again delivers on his raw, rugged sound on the production of all the albums tracks and Droopy the Don is back with his unique style of rap. Listen the the jam and download the Unseen album on this site.

Welcome to the “Unseen”

Immortal Minds is proud to introduce their fourth album entitled “Unseen.” Album features corroboration by Jumpship, Cane Kong and cuts by InDJnous. Download the album and experience the Immortal Minds movement, peace.



The wait is almost over, Immortal Minds fourth album will be released on May 5, 2015. The latest project from the underground hip hop group will have various topics like depression, hardships, struggles, life goals and many more. The Unseen will have the long awaited return of Droopy The Don, all three members reunite for the new album. Also it can’t be an Immortal Minds project with out the sounds of producer Calicokid, Calicokid returns with his latest raw underground productions for this project. The album will have features from Cain Kong, Jumpship and cuts from DJ InDJnous. The wait is almost here, stay tune and get ready to enter the Immortal Minds experience.


“Focus” Feat Calicokid and Droopy The Don by Teren Generals

Focus is off Teren Generals upcoming album “Road of Transition.” The topic of song describes the way these artist struggle but don’t give up on their goals in life. Song was produced and mastered by Cain Kong. Video was directed by Agustin Guzman, filmed by Cassandra Castorena. New upcoming album coming out on June 9, 2015. Stay tune for the lasted info on the Road of Transition.

Out My Window by Teren Generals

“Out My Window” by Teren Generals is the latest single from his his upcoming album “Road of Transition.” New song depicts Teren G’s views on the world we live in. New video is directed by Agustin Guzman, filmed by Adrian Guzman, produced by Calicokid and mastered by Cain Kong. Check it out and stay tuned for all the lasted info on the upcoming project.

Depression by Teren Generals

Unlocked Design Productions and Rhyme Orininatorz presents “Depression” by Teren Generals. New upcoming album “Road of Transition,” album coming 2015. Video directed by Agustin Guzman, shot by Cassandra Castorena, produced by Calicokid and mastered by Cain Kong.

“Intergalactic High”

Introducing the latest project from Immortal Minds artist Calicokid “Intergalactic High.” Intergalactic High is solo album from Calicokid, all songs were produced by Calicokid with his unique rugged sound. Calicokid is joined by artist like Teren Generals, Droopy the Don, DJ HandsOne and cuts by InDJnous and DJ Kwestion from Jedi Mind Tricks. Take a journey with Calicokid in “Intergalactic High.”