Out The House Anaversary

Immortal Minds will be performing live on 1/16/2016 along with EV and Sick Jacken for Out The House Anaversary. This will be the first show Immortal Minds will take part in the new year. Tickets are $15.

Just email unlockeddesign@gmail.com or text 714.747.4924. Key word Tickets


Road of Transition

Today we introduce “Road of Transition” by Teren Generals. Teren Generals brings a project with describing his life and struggles. This album has features by Immortal Minds members Calico and Droopy the Don also production by Calico and Cain Kong. So with out further interruption click on the image below and listen to and download the album for free. Peace.


New Album by Teren Generals

We are happy to introduce “Road of Transition” by Teren Generals. This will be the first solo album by Immortal Minds member Teren G. Teren Generals brings a project with depictions of his current mind state. This album is journey into various stages of the artist conscious. The album will have features by Immortal Minds members Calicokid and Droopy the Don also production by Calicokid and Cain Kong. This is a independent project by the artist with the associations of Unlocked Design Productions and Rhyme Originatorz. So mark your calendars for 12/22/2015. The album will be a digital album and it will be free.



“B-Jota – Complicado”

Emcee B-Jota from  Zamora Spain brings a new jam called “Complicado.” B-Jota has been putting down with true meaningful hip hop from the other side on the globe for years now. Check out our friend B-Jota’s new jam.  Peace

-Teren Generals

Canceled Show

It saddens me to say that we @immortalminds will have to be postponing the show on Friday. We were really looking foward to seeing those who were going to be attending. We send our deepest apologies and hope we can catch you guys when it has been rescheduled. The movement will continue! Thanks for the support yall, peace.

-Droopy The Don


Meeting at El Centro

On Monday night, group members Calicokid and Teren Generals attended the teachers meeting at El Centro Cultural de Mexico in Down Town Santa Ana. Group members attended the meeting to propose a free show for community. After group members proposed the event and explained the details (Calicokid did most of the talking), the teachers approved the event. Calicokid and Teren Generals were pleased of their outcome. The possible date for the event could be Nov. 20.

Stay tuned for more details


Photo by Victor Jimenez