Teren Generals


Agustin Guzman (born January 28, 1987), better known as Teren Generals, is a Mexican-American recording artist from Santa Ana, California. Having gained notoriety in the underground hip hop group Immortal Minds, Teren Generals is known for his cultural, and conscious lyrics. Teren Generals is associated with the label Rhyme Originatorz, also he is the Creative Director for Unlocked Design Productions. Teren Generals initially started writing, and recorded music when he was 15 years old. At the begging of his career he did not released any music publicly; he progressed by gathered concepts for future projects. Teren Generals motivations have always been his surroundings, his mind state, and historical events. He always felt that no one had the right to represent anyone, that’s why he started to express his own beliefs throughout music. His goal with his music is for people to question their way of life, and find their own answer.

Teren Generals has been part of Immortal Minds since 2005. His involvement with the group has been a big part of his career; most of his work has been involved with the underground hip hop group. His first public album was with Immortal Minds “The Diagnosis LP” (2009). Over the years Teren Generals contribution for all the groups’ projects has been from artwork, video production, audio sampling, and lyrics. Teren Generals focus has been dedicated with the group, and he started to work on personal projects.

At the moment Teren Generals is currently working on new material for the group’s fifth album, and he is working on a solo EP that will be produced by Calico. Teren Generals is also working on all the Two Drumbreaks and a Microphone productions.