Droopy The Don


Dennis “Droopy the Don” Vargas was influenced into hip hop by former group member and longtime friend Alonso “Stretch” Lozano. They began a group that was soon joined by current member “Teren G”. The team went through a couple of group names concluding with “Immortal Minds”. Unfortunately, Stretch had decided that he felt like this industry was not the right suit for him. And although Droopy’s influence had “left the game”, he and Teren G were determined to get their names out. Droopy progressed to increase his rhyming, flowing, and composing skills. Later, Teren G introduced Droopy to local emcee Calico. Droopy was impressed with the rhyme skill and experience that his fellow emcee possessed. Soon after, Calico started producing instrumentals leading to the making of “The Diagnosis LP,” “Elements EP,” and “Unseen”.

Unable to participate in the group’s third project “Time EP” due to occupational issues, Droopy is still determined to keep progressing and putting out new work. Droopy is currently in the process of beginning his solo album labeled “Pieces EP”, as well as other projects for Immortal Minds.